About Us

Al-Abd Corporation was established in 1973 as a trading company and an indenting house dealing in processing & packaging machinery & flexible packaging materials for Food, Confectionery & Pharmaceutical industries. The mass scale growth of these segments resulted in diversification & expansion of our scope of supply & we now offer services not only to the food, confectionery & pharmaceutical industries but also to converting & various types of industrial Flooring & automobile industries as well. Our principals are all well established and famous enterprises with an extensive & rich experience in their respective fields. From these companies we are well placed to serve both large & small scale customers to the best of their satisfaction. We are now a well-known name, having the privilege of serving all major & minor industrial sectors of Pakistan.

Bakery Machinery:

  • Hard and Soft Biscuit Machine, Wire cut Cookie Systems, Cocomo Type machine, Cup Cake, Layer Cake & Swiss Roll, Injection machines for biscuit & cakes, Egg Breaking Machines, flat wafer machines, rolled wafer, tin bread machines, Burger Machines, Pretzel machines, Crackers, Cookie Cappers, Biscuit Sandwich Machine (Stencil type).

Kitchen Equipment for Bakery & Snacks:

  • Cream and Batter preparation systems, Mixers, Dry Ingredient Blender, Slurry Applicator, Kneaders , Automatic Mixing and Proofing systems, Sugar grinders, Automatic flour and sugar transferring systems, continuous mixing systems.

Sugar Confectionery & Kitchen:

  • Complete Production line including kitchen for lollipop, chew toffee (like skittles, fruitella, Mentos), mogul (like chili milli), extruded and deposited marshmallow (twisted / filled /multi-color, 3-D), hard and soft candies and toffee, deposit candies & toffee, licorice products (rolls, sugar sanded products, filled licorice, twisted, fruit snacks), cup jelly machine , bubble gum & chewing gum.

Chocolate Machinery and Kitchen:

  • Complete Automatic kitchen for production of chocolate, caramel & nougat, chocolate moulding line, shell moulding line, candy bar line, TWIX PROCESSING LINE, chocolate & caramel enrober, chocolate dragees line (like smarties), automatic coating systems, KINDER BUENO & KINDER JOY production line.

Complete Automatic Snacks Machineries and Mixing Systems:

  • Complete line for snacks. Frozen french fries, potato chips, extruders (expanded snacks, pop snacks, popped chips, doritos) systems, pop corn systems (salted and coated), for (pops/super instant porridge), Pretzel, multi-crisp baked snacks, short cut and long cut pasta, breakfast cereals. vacuum frying mach.

Packaging Machineries / Packaging Systems:

  • Vertical Packaging Machine (VFFS), flow wrap machines, HFFS machine, multi-head weighers, check weighers, metal detector, xray machine , telescopic conveyor, bucket elevator, spiral cooling, automatic conveying systems, lollipop wrapping, double twist machines, stick pack machines, sachet machines (multi lane and single lane), blister packing machine.

Ware House / Stores / Production Departments:

  • Flooring Solutions
  • Fast PVC doors, Dock Doors (Sectional / Steel Rolling) , Fire Proof Doors, Auto Truck Choke System, Aerial Platform.
  • Fork Lifters, Cranes, Scissor Lifters, Dock Leveller, Gantry Crane, Jig Crane, Over-Head Crane.
  • Auto Door Lock Systems, Pneumatic Handling Solutions.
  • Lithium Battery Fork Lifter for 2000kgs.
  • Conveyor Systems.

Production Areas / Wet and Dry:

  • Hygienic Systems, Flooring Solutions.
  • Sole Washers, Turnstile Sanitizers.
  • Tray Washers , Aprons Washing Machines.
  • Knives Sanitizers, Automatic Wash basins, Anti Skid Lifter with Side Press, Automatic Door Locks Metal Detectors , X-ray Systems.

Special Industrial Coating Systems:

  • Fire Proof Coating, Steel Coatings, Heat Proof Building Coating Systems, Anti Rust Coating systems for Pipes and Gas Pipes, Aluminum surface powder coating systems..

Chicken , Fish and Red Meat industry:

  • Tumblers, Vacuum Packing Machines, Pickle Injector, Meat Mincers, Slaughter House for Chicken and Red Meat, Knife Disinfection Systems, Aprons Washers, Sole Dryers etc.

Hospital Waste Systems:

  • Hospital Waste Systems, Incinerators etc.



As part of our service program, we offer complete processing and packaging system to Food, Confectionery, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Packaging, Converting, Industrial door, Industrial flooring & Automobile industries.

Vision / Mission

The vision & mission of Al-Abd Corporation is to cater to the specialized requirements of its customers by providing quality products, exceptional services and innovative solutions.

Our Belief

We believe in creating strong relationship and aim to become the first choice in providing innovative solutions & best services to our customers & partners.


Core Values


Talent Development


Customer satisfaction


Achieve and maintaining highest level of excellence


Converting ideas into solutions.

Food Ingredients:

Providing flavors, colors, Halal Gelatin, Cocoa powder and other specialty ingredients for confectionery, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries with complete technical support.